Strawberries and Cream Shake #drink #smoothierecipe

Strawberries and Cream Shake #drink #smoothierecipe
A standout amongst my most cherished summer drink equations is a strawberry milkshake. This strawberries and cream shake is enormously improved than an ordinary milkshake since it's excessively rich. I worship making this all through the whole Summer and the kiddos beseech me to whip it together.

I value that it is so normal to make and that it just takes 4 fixings! New strawberries make it altogether better so you may need to use these yet set them first, or you can use privately obtained set strawberries for solace. Appreciate!

Strawberries and Cream Shake #drink #smoothierecipe

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  • 1 cup Frozen Strawberries
  • 1/2 cup French Vanilla Refrigerated Coffee Creamer
  • 1 cup Heavy Whipping Cream
  • 1 tbsp Sugar 3


  1. Whip whipping cream with sugar until stiff peaks form. 4
  2. Transfer to piping bag.
  3. In food processor, combine frozen strawberries and creamer. 5
  4. Pulse until blended.
  5. Alternate layers of strawberry mixture and whipped cream in glasses.

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