Low Carb Bacon & Eggers #healthy #breakfast

Low Carb Bacon & Eggers #healthy #breakfast

This is too easy to even think about evening be a recipe, yet given the measure of hard bubbled eggs and cheddar I am eating, I figured it is amusing to flavor it up a piece with these little Low Carb Bacon and Eggers. Not so much a recipe, increasingly like breakfast motivation!

I don't pursue a specific low carb diet, I simply discover hardboiled eggs and cheddar such a straightforward breakfast, I have been eating this combo for a considerable length of time and months. I have an entire post about how I utilize 3 principle things and make numerous mixes of breakfast boxes.

You can get imaginative utilizing various kinds of cheddar and on the off chance that you truly need you can include sauces like dijon mustard… or might I venture to try and state mayo ( hello there, keto peeps!). I incline toward no sauce on my low carb bacon and eggers, however you do you, companions!

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Low Carb Bacon & Eggers #healthy #breakfast #lowcarb #paleo #egg

An ideal breakfast supper prep thought where you can prepare your 3 fixings once, and have low carb bacon and eggers all week!


  • 3 Hard Boiled Eggs
  • 1-2 pieces bacon
  • 3 slices cheese


  1. To assemble your low carb bacon and eggers, simple cut the hard boiled egg lenthwise, and layer on one piece of cheese, and half a slice of bacon. Use a toothpick to hold it together if not eating it right away. 

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For more details : https://bit.ly/2WGImDn

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